Sound of Emotion.

TOMOKA Kawaguchi

an amateur pianist in JAPAN


English WEBsite is opened.
Audio source is uploaded.

Who I am.

TOMOKA Kawaguchi (KAWA)

I'm an amaterur classic pianist in Japan.
Especially I love to play the piece by Chopin.

I learned the piano since 3 years old
and enjoyed it.
But I left my hometown and gave up the piano once
to continue my education.

However, I restarted the classic piano
in 29 years old
because passion for the piano has left in my mind.
But my piano I was using in the childhood
didn't left then.
So, now I'm trying whether I can continue
the activity as a pianist
just by borrowing.

I'm also a medical technologist and web creator.

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Audio Sample

Now, I share my playing sound and experiment
in this website.
I'm glad if you receive them as worldwide language.

※ Please be careful about the playback environment
as it makes sound.

Für Elise


watch video

Etude Op.10-1


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Etude Op.10-5
"Black Keys"


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Etude Op.10-12


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Scherza No.1 Op.20


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